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James McGinnis

TBI Survivor

On September 12, 2014 I collapsed of an Acute Subdural Hematoma while playing in a High School Football game in Olathe East . I was given less than a 7% chance of survival. While in my coma, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jesus. He told me he was sending me back because I have  more love to share.  My mission today is to share the message to not judge others,

but to Love One Another. John 13:34



James McGinnis (Artist, Motivational Speaker)

September 12, 2014 James suffered an acute subdural hematoma during the 3rd quarter while playing football for Olathe East.  The doctors gave him less than a 7% chance of survival. He had to relearn everything including eating, walking, talking and using his hands. Since his injury, his passion for art has become stronger. He has painted with acrylic paints, created ceramic artwork, and printed graphics including last years Parade of Hearts (City of Fountains, Pouring out Love)  All of his artwork is about spreading the message to love one another. 




 THERAPY Speeches

This speech shares the progress and keys to my success through Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy in both a therapy setting and in everyday life. It covers in Hospital rehab, outpatient rehab, life after rehab, and stem cell treatments sharing the progress in both large motor skills and fine motor skills  Life is Therapy!


This speech shares my success in overcoming adversity including my strategy to stay focused while experience intial failures.  In this I will share characteristic developed by my faith and playing team sports. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13


This speech shares my experience meeting Jesus while in my coma and knowing that God has never left my side through out my journey. 


Parade of Hearts

James McGinnis - Artist

My 2023 Parade of Hearts is about "Be the Bridge, Love One Another". The inspiration comes from the time I was in the hospital. At Olathe East High School, I participated in Orchestra, National Honor Society, Football, Basketball, Swimming, and Track.  One student shares that James injury brought groups together that did not normally interact with one another. In essence, he was bridging the differences. On the front is a graphic of the Kit Bond Bridge. The multi color tension cables represent the different people coming together the support the road below. In the same way we should support one another. I meet people everyday with bigger battles than me, but you would never know unless they told you.  The back of the heart has a world with many different races holding it up. Our differences make us stronger. Behind the graphics are 26 different hidden song titles from various genres (Reggae, Rap, Country Pop, Rock, & Christian Music) that all support the message to "Be the Bridge, and Love one Another" 

Check out the link below for the playlist of songs

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